About United Motors


United Motors was established in 1980 as a sole distributor of Volvo cars in Brunei Darussalam and later Ford. In the late 2000, the Company underwent a total restructuring exercise, which resulted in the Volvo passenger car franchise being transferred to another company. However, the Volvo Commercial remained with the Company. Later at that period, LDV Westar a franchise for light commercial vehicles was added.

In 2010, the Company brought in new shareholders and experience management tasked with a challenging mission to turn the Company around from a purely commercial orientated motor dealership to a totally integrated motor dealership to fill in the market gaps which United Motors has been participating.

By August 2010, United Motors completed negotiation with Mahindra & Mahindra, India which resulted in the Company being reappointed as the independent sole distributorship for Brunei Darussalam. Subsequently, the Passenger Car Division was established with operations starting on 1st January 2011. The first Mahindra car was sold by the second week of March.

At the early part of 2011, Proton Holdings Malaysia offered the Company a golden opportunity to be their sole importer and retailer for Proton cars in Brunei Darussalam. The exercise to get the operation ready for Proton was completed by the middle of May with the arrival of the first shipment. The first Proton car was sold at the end of May.

With Proton and Mahindra managed under the Passenger Cars Division, the existing commercial vehicle franchises; Volvo commercial vehicles and LDV Westar professional van and light trucks are managed under the Commercial Vehicles Division.

Going forward the Company aims to be a fully integrated motor vehicle Retailing and Distribution Company which includes divisions in retailing of new passenger cars, commercial and specialized motor vehicles, and high quality used motor vehicles. The Company also aspires to provide high quality after-sales and maintenance services, which include accident repairs.
To achieve its aim, the Company has recruited an excellent team of skilled and experience people to deliver its Brands with passion, reliability and integrity. Delivering Excellence Always shall at all times be the cornerstone of the Company’s management, service and product delivery processes. Delivering Excellence Always focuses on sustaining the success of all its Brands for the longer term to continue meeting and be a step ahead of its customer’s needs.

The area of focus are:

  • Delivering vehicles at competitive prices
  • Providing reliable maintenance and repair services to our customers
  • Supporting our customers’ needs for warranty, parts and accessories

However, most importantly, the Company is dedicated to the safe and enjoyable driving experience of its customers.